About Squishy Games

Squishy Games was incepted 22 years ago as Nathan started building computer games on his Macintosh in Hypercard. His ideas grew into a series of basic Hypercard games; however, those fell by the wayside as high school and university education took precedence.

After training as an animator at BYU and winning several student Emmys while there, Nathan opened his own animation firm, Squishy Animation with his brother, Kit.

Last year, Nathan realized he had a unique skill set and passion: his background in animation and design gave him a distinct advantage in the world of indie video games. After loading up his old-school System 7 emulator, he chose one as his first full game: Rogue Invader.

Lacking the desire to code an entire game, he asked Lee J, a longtime friend and former roommate, to partner with him in creating the game. Lee J thought it was crazy at first, but chose to quit his job teaching high school to make Squishy Games and Rogue Invader a reality.